[Mgs] MGA sputtering engine and bad replacement parts

Charley & Peggy Robinson ccrobins at ktc.com
Fri Nov 27 11:55:15 MST 2009

 As a matter of fact I usually stay with the condenser and replace only 
the points, /if  the points don't show a lot of metal transfer./  
Getting a condenser that's just the right capacity is kind of a crap 
shoot.  As to quality it depends on who made the parts.  I always had 
good luck with Blue Streak ignition parts.  Dunno if they're still 
made.  Maybe Standard Auto? Carquest?

I remember reading an article years ago that claimed you could tell if 
your condenser (capacitor) was over or under capacity by which contact 
point had the metal buildup on it.  I think it might have been inn an 
old Motors manual. 


Robert J. Guinness wrote:
> I want to thank all those who offered advice on diagnosing my MGA's 
> sputtering and dieing engine.  The culprit was a bad condenser (which 
> I replaced less than a year ago).  Are our parts sources becoming 
> unreliable?  I had to replace the points I installed at the same 
> time.  Have others experienced bad mechanical replacement parts lately 
> (as opposed to body, rubber, interior, etc.), or is it just me?  Or 
> did the bad new condenser cause problems with the points?

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