[Mgs] Need MGB hardtop parts

Councill, David dcouncill at msubillings.edu
Thu Nov 19 15:07:18 MST 2009

My quest for hardtop parts for my factory MGB Works hardtop is still
ongoing with a glimmer of hope remaining. I have contacted around ten
potential sources including Ebay vendors and UK dealers. Some common
parts like seals are available through many places but non-wear items
are very scarce. My first break came with a link Paul had posted on
another matter, Leacy MG Ltd. I checked their website out and then
contacted them. They indicated that they used to have "hundred" of the
window assemblies but sold all their stock to Brown & Gammons. Shortly
after that, I also got a response from Brown & Gammons verifying they
had the whole window assembly (even though I just need a corner bracket)
for the princely sum of 55 quid and 50 quid shipping. Paul has already
translated "quid" in response to another lister's question, quid
translating as a pound sterling or in this case around $175 USD. Still
no source for the trim piece though.

I had pondered buying one of these windows from Brown and Gammons a few
years ago but the exchange rate was almost $2 USD to a GBP so things are
better now. But I also knew that the Roadster Factory was selling the
windows as well but they were considerably more expensive. So I went to
their online catalog and they now show all the parts with part numbers.
Apparently they also had/have a stock of hard top parts and indicate
they may start manufacturing the hard tops again:


They have the trim piece I need or at least show a fairly steep price
for it ($46.95) but the window assembly as well as the bracket are
listed as "NLS" (aka "no longer stocked"). So I sent an inquiry to them.
But for the cost of the trim piece (finisher) and the rear quarter
window assembly, it seems like I could find a well worn hardtop and use
the parts off of it on my nicely painted hard top (black tulip, matching
the rest of my 72B). Or maybe I should just glue the window corner
together for now - it would make it tougher to replace the window in the
future but save me what looks like $175 for a nicer window (in that case
the old window would then be junk anyway).

Still searching and looking at options...

David Councill

64 B

67 BGT

72 B

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