[Mgs] The dreaded "Kent Collection"

Paul Hunt paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 16 01:52:04 MST 2009

I can't believe the amount of spleen that is being vented on this, for one 
email a month!  For heavens sake, get a grip.

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From: "Aaron Whiteman"
> Unwanted or unsolicited email is one of the downsides of the technology.
> The problem is the abuse of trust.  "The Kent Collection" is abusing the 
> trust
> we have in the members of this mailing list.  They are using our very list
> against us.
> Further, it's not just annoying, it's illegal.  They purport to be a 
> British
> company, though the lack of an address on their website is an interesting
> "omission".
> They have no effective way to "opt out" (the link doesn't work), but that
> doesn't matter, because as a UK company, they are bound by UK laws. Like 
> most
> of the sane world, Europe requires "opt-in", meaning nobody is allowed to 
> send
> commercial email until they get consent (at which point, it's no longer
> "spam")
> At this point, I'm done trying to reason with them.  Every email I get 
> from
> them from this point forward gets reported to the ICO.  I suggest 
> everybody
> else that gets them does the same.
> http://www.ico.gov.uk/complaints/privacy_and_electronic_communications.aspx
> I'm doing this because basically, everything fits:
> * the sender is based in the UK
> * the recipient (me) did not opt-in
> * the recipient (me) has no business relation with the sender

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