[Mgs] Need MGB hardtop parts

Councill, David dcouncill at msubillings.edu
Sun Nov 15 14:27:59 MST 2009

I was in the process of cleaning out the basement and garage, primarily
to make  it easier for my winter project - restoration of a 64B. Then my
wife mentions as the first thing, the hardtop which I have in the
basement. I've been meaning to fix the hardtop for maybe 6-7 years now
so I could use it. So rather than move it to a storage shed, I figure
the best place to put it is on the car (72 B). The problem is and has
been the need of a couple of obscure parts. Any help locating a source
of these parts would be appreciated.

This is for the factory hardtop. The previous owner had taken it apart
to replace the plexiglass windows. The problem is that one was
disassembled and missing a corner bracket. The first picture shows both
with unassembled window and corner bracket. I am missing one (three are
needed per window):


The bracket has six holes threaded for machine screws, three for each
corner. I pondered making one but the metal must be thick enough to
thread yet thin and the right width to fit into slots on the window so a
lot of machining of which I have limited tools -



Also I need the opposing trim piece for the driver's side quarter window
(fits inside of hardtop, fasteners go from trim, screw into the window


I had as a last resort considered buying the rear window assembly due to
the lack of the right angle bracket. Brown and Gammons did sell those,
and looks like they still do, for 55 GBP plus shipping to the USA. With
so many car projects, maybe I should finish one. They always get close
but there is always a few things left undone it seems. I'll try the
lists first and call round as needed. I held off buying the window in
previous years due to the exchange rate which is much better as of the
past year or so.

David Councill

64 B

67 BGT

72 B

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