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It is bound to be a lot easier and maybe cheaper to buy a used
replacement window regulator. Since they are not a regular wear item, it
should be fairly easy to find one at the nearest salvage yard that has
or specializes in British cars.

David Councill

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I appreciate the responses I received when I asked for camshaft
recommendations a few days ago.  I hope the list has equally good
suggestions for solving a window regulator problem.

I'm missing a clevis pin/rivet-like doodad which connects two of the
arms of the window regulator on a '71 B.  (There should be a spring
sandwiched in there and it's also missing.)  There should be two of
these doodads on the window regulator and their heads ride in the
channel at the bottom of the window glass as the window goes up and
down.  I can't find a source for the proper replacement part.  Any
suggestions as to what can I use for a replacement?

Here's a link to a photo which shows where this should be:


Thanks (again).

Elliott DeGraff
Poolesville, MD

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