[Mgs] Camshaft recommendations

Councill, David dcouncill at msubillings.edu
Sat Nov 14 10:06:56 MST 2009

When I did the rebuild on my 72B, I used what I think was a 270 degree
duration - the best performance I could get for street usage. This was
maybe 5 years ago so I don't recall all the details but I know details
were discussed on this list about cams several times. I ended up getting
the cam from Lawrie Alexander who was active on the list although I'm
not sure if he is now. He runs a British repair shop in California (not
that I am anywhere near there) and I still have his website bookmarked:


His price was good and he provides technical advice as well so he would
be a good source.

David Councill
64 B
67 BGT
72 B

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I'm rebuilding an engine for a 71B and need a new camshaft.  This will
not be for racing or high performance, just a good solid driver.  Can
anyone recommend a good source?  Are there any specific requirements or
issues such as with the timing gears to watch out for?  Any advice will
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Elliott DeGraff
71B, 71B in work, 72B next project

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