[Mgs] Dan H.'s Day ?

Barrie Robinson barrie at look.ca
Mon Nov 9 18:14:48 MST 2009

Come on fellow - you have to use the search program Copernic Agent 
Basic. !!  I got lost of hits for old Elton - see attached.  And I 
got 40 something hits in the "Buy Music" section.  Why is it that 
everyone thinks Desktop is the search program !!!

At 10:29 AM 11/9/2009, Richard Ewald wrote:
>I also tried it and was unimpressed.  Besides the sponsored links, I 
>did a search in music for "Elton John" (first name that popped into 
>my head) and I was told it could not locate any music using those terms.
>OKaaaaaaaaay.  Right.
>I tried a few other searches, and found the results to be inferior 
>to what I get from Google.
>YMMV, but I am with Barney.  It sucks.
>On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 6:20 AM, Barney Gaylord 
><<mailto:barneymg at mgaguru.com>barneymg at mgaguru.com> wrote:
>Okay, I tried Copernic Desktop search (free version), it sucks, and I
>don't want to ever see it again.
>As usual, free is not such a good deal.  It is obviously just another
>media for pushing paid advertising.  It took me about 30 seconds to
>find the patterns.   It starts with flying banner ads on the opening
>intro page.  For the first few pages of search results 10 of the 20
>line items displayed are sponsored links.  Farther in the ads (so
>far) drop form 50% to 35% of all line items diplayed (7 out of 20 per
>page), but always including 5 of the first 7 items on every page.
>Now would you like to buy me the pro copy just to get me to try it again?
>At 11:52 AM 11/8/2009 -0500, Barrie Robinson wrote:
> >....
> >ABSOLUTELY !!  Anyone can go to 
> <http://www.copernic.com>www.copernic.com and download ....
> >....
> >.... IT IS FREE
> >....
> >>....
> >>At 08:00 PM 11/7/2009 -0500, Barrie Robinson wrote:
> >>>Why do people use Google when Copernic is so much better - it
> >>>allows you to delete useless search finds as well as saving the
> >>>search records for future use.
> >>>....
> >....
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