[Mgs] Radiator Support Seal

Bob Howard mgbob at juno.com
Mon Nov 9 13:29:57 MST 2009

   If the seal you have is the one that looks like two blocks of material
glued together with a slight offset, I have seen them both firm rubber
like door seals and soft foam like the stuff you pack around window air
conditioners at home.   Yes, they seal well, and they do improve air flow
through the radiator.  There must be some amount of pressure in that
area, as some in our club have had the seals blow on through into the fan
blades.  Most of us have a spot of glue on them to be sure that can't
happen to us. Some fit tighter than others I understand, so if the fit of
yours is tight you may not need the glue. 

On Mon, 9 Nov 2009 07:32:03 -0800 (PST) Zach Dorsch
<herr_dorsch at yahoo.com> writes:
> Hi All,
> I have what may be a strange question, but am hoping the wisdom of 
> the list
> will shed some light on this! 
> I just ordered the seal that goes between the radiator 
> support/diaphrma and
> the hood/bonnet for my '73.  The one that I received is foam--are 
> these
> supposed to be rubber or foam? 
> If it is supposed to be foam, do these actually provide a good seal? 
> Thanks!
> Zach 
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