[Mgs] Radiator Support Seal

Paul Hunt paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 09:38:05 MST 2009

There are two seals.  There is a relatively thin rubber strip that goes on 
top of the diaphragm and seals to the bonnet, there is also a foam strip 
consisting of two larger square sections glued together which seals between 
the radiator header tank and the diaphragm.

I ran for years with the rubber strip but not the foam, but found a 
noticeably lower engine temperature in hot weather after I fitted it.  In 
the latest edition of the MGOC magazine there is an article by a chap who 
has fitted a cold air feed to his carbs, fair enough, but as part of it he 
has removed virtually all the diaphragm!  He claims this gives him cooler 
intake manifold temperatures, but I dread to think what it has done for his 
engine cooling.  He's also losing an additional ram air effect if he had 
connected his cold air intake to the diaphragm.


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> I just ordered the seal that goes between the radiator support/diaphrma 
> and
> the hood/bonnet for my '73.  The one that I received is foam--are these
> supposed to be rubber or foam?

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