[Mgs] [MG-MGB] 64B restoration

Paul Hunt paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 02:44:41 MST 2009

Axles are fully interchangeable into the bodies, but each axle has it's own
handbrake cable.  If you fit wire wheel hubs to the wider steel wheel axle you
will almost certainly get the outsides of the tyres rubbing on the arches, I
did even with so-called conversion hubs which are machined to sit closer than
the standard hubs.  I got round that by fitting harder RB springs, but that
gave a very unpleasant ride over some surfaces and so eventually I changed to
a wire wheel axle and went back to the proper springs.  Going the other way
i.e. bolt-on hubs on a wire-wheel axle you could get rubbing of the insides of
the tyres.  Because there are a pair of hubs on half-shafts I suspect a PO
though he could put wire wheel half-shafts with hubs attached into a steel
wheel axle.  You definitely can't do that as the wire wheel ones are shorter,
but can put either hub on either half-shaft, with the above provisos.  Examine
the splines on the hubs carefully before fitting them, if they are knife-edged
or even worse leaning over they are beyond use.


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  ... How hard is it to use the axles
  provided (once I get the rust cleaned off and remove the knock offs that
  is)? I am also concerned about the tire rubbing that I have heard occurs
  with ww conversions.

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