[Mgs] THEY GOT IT RIGHT! and trivia quiz

Paul Hunt paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Aug 10 02:09:30 MDT 2009

Correct.  All cars got the full-sized rubber bumpers for the 74 1/2 year
starting in September 74.  Only North America got the 'Sabrina' overriders,
and only from January 74, not from the start of the 74 model year which began
in August 73.  The 75 model year began uncharacteristically late in December
74, typically it was around August/September.

Abingdon had the lowest warranty claims by far of any BL production site,
there is a period photo somewhere showing the 'league table'.  My
father-in-law bought a Morris 1000 Traveller new in 1967 and the dealer said
he would try and get him 'an Abingdon one' because they were so good.  He kept
it until it rotted away, and apart from a tendency for the brake and clutch
pedals to move together because the pivots were unprotected under the floor
the only other problem he had was the jack braking the first time he had a
puncture, and even that was years later.

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  Actually, the reverse, I think the "Sabrina" bumpers were only
  available on North American cars. I bought a '74 MGB in 1990 or 1991
  that had such bumpers. I think it was for only half a model year --
  the '74.5 models were the first to receive the rubber bumpers.

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