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Ken Beck kbeck100 at rcn.com
Mon Aug 4 16:14:29 MDT 2008

Gas over 1 year old can cause real problems. 8 years old could be a 
disaster. Call around to disposal businesses and find one that disposes old 
oil, antifreeze etc. Whatever you do don't put it in an engine that you care 
about. I've had about 6 of these to redo in the past few years. Sticks the 
intake valves and then the rest goes.

Ken BEck
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> When is gas too old to use?  I have about half a tank of gas in my MGB 
> that
> has been sitting for about 1 year.  I am finishing the rebuild of the 
> engine
> and plan to fire it up later this month.  Should I dump the gas first or
> should it be OK.  I live in Los Angeles and the car has been stored 
> outside
> during this period.
> Ron
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> 66 MGB
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