[Mgs] MGB O/D Driveshafts

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Mon Sep 24 04:38:12 MDT 2007

i have a 73 b - we swapped in an od tranny and istr we did not swap 

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> Since we are on this topic,  have heard  2 different thoughts here .
> one says you can use the same shaft in both applications , one says
> you have to use a od shaft only with the od.  Thoughts??
> paul
>>We need to be careful about saying it's a bolt-on addition.  One can not
>>simply bolt an MGB overdrive unit onto an existing run of the mill non-OD
>>gearbox.  It takes a different shift mechanism, a different intermediat
>>spacer, a different output shaft, a wiring harness, and a different
>>driveshaft.  No minor task.
>>Lot's of good discussion about how the overdrive works though.
>>Phil Bates
>>'67 MGB - converted from non-OD to OD gearbox.
>>>  It's a bit like a 2-speed auto gearbox and is a bolt-on addition to the
>>>  manual gearbox.
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