[Mgs] Ignition light always on, low glow

Bob Donahue bobmgtd at insightbb.com
Tue Sep 11 10:11:53 MDT 2007

The ignition light on my '71 has been low-glowing for years. I get a solid 
14 volts with the headlights and blower on, so I figure the alternator is 
working fine. The car has a maintenance free battery, I wonder if that has 
something to do with it? I've heard that maintenance free batteries need a 
slightly higher charging voltage. So maybe there's a slight mismatch between 
the voltage of the new tech batteries and the charging voltage of the old 
alternator, that makes the light glow. - Just a theory ;-).

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> During the weekend the Ignition light on my 71 MGB GT has started
> showing a light glow all the time, at all engine speeds.
> Is it time for an Alternator rebuild?
> Henri
> 1971 MGB GT
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