[Mgs] MGB Clutch Problem

dannyvarnado dannyvarnado at cox.net
Thu Aug 23 20:09:37 MDT 2007

I'm having a bit of a problem with an MGB clutch master and/or slave cylinder.
Each morning when I drive to work in my MGA, I have a good clutch pedal with
engagement at about 1/2 of travel.  On some days by the time I get to work (16
miles) I must pump the clutch to make it engage.  On other days it operates
properly.   The same applies in the afternoon on my way home with the
exception that on some days I must pump it at the beginning of the drive. This
problem is very inconsistent.  During the times that I must pump the clutch,
if I do not, it will either not go into gear or the clutch will start to bleed
down and engage while I hold the pedal down.  I rebuilt both cylinders about
three years and 15000 trouble free miles ago.  I have no fluid leaks and the
reservoir is full.  The only thing that I have done to the system was to
replace the fluid in the reservoir a couple of months ago.
Any thoughts?
Danny V.
'58 MGA daily driver
'76 MGB V-6 project

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