[Mgs] Overdrive oil

Max Heim max_heim at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 13 10:36:19 MDT 2007

Right. But in the case of the transmission, the detergent additives don't do
anything, so if non-detergent oil were readily available and less expensive,
it would be preferred.

If you think about it, the oil in the transmission is essentially like the
oil in the sump -- foaming may be an issue (hence non-detergent), but the
other conditions prevalent in the engine such as combustion byproducts, and
extreme heat and pressure, don't apply.


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on 8/12/07 7:26 AM, Paul Hunt at paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk wrote:

> The manuals just give engine oils from various manufacturers and of various
> grades without saying whether they are or should be detergent or
> non-detergent.  If engine oil is detergent, as I understand it is, then that
> works fine.
> PaulH.
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>> I think that the manual specs non detergent oil.  Is this really necessary
>> or will a standard oil do?
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