[Mgs] I'm home, so the repair list starts

Aaron Whiteman awhitema at panix.com
Sat Aug 4 18:12:44 MDT 2007

Well, I'm back home.  Thanks for all the advice for the trip, it went  
off nearly without a hitch.

The only roadside "repair" I needed to do was to make the carbs a  
little richer (or rather, not lean), which was easy enough.

I averaged about 27 mpg over 2400 miles to Petaluma and back to  
Pullman, the car ran surprisingly well.  I expected all those miles  
above 4200 feet, and especially the miles above 6000 feet to be a  
problem, but they weren't.  Temps ran a little high the entire return  
trip, but it was 95+ much of the time and only once did I ever feel  
concerned about overheating.  I was climbing an 8% grade at 5000 feet  
in 100 degree weather, stuck behind a truck.

However, now that I'm home, I got a few projects.

The rust behind the passenger door is starting to get bad; the paint  
is now cracked and the metal is weak to finger pressure.  I've been  
trying to ignore this until I can get it to the shop in Tacoma, but I  
now need to explore other options to get the job done quicker.

More immediately, I am hearing a intermittent, steady squeaking that  
goes away when turning right and intensifies when turning left.  I'm  
thinking wheel bearing, would that be accurate?  I've never replaced  
or serviced them, so I'm suspicious.

Also, it looks like the oil seals I installed in the rear axle in  
November 03 are failing after less than 20000 miles of service, so  
I'll get to do that again.

Finally, my blackwall tires are grey, my front bumper is a mix of  
orange, yellow, and red bug, and the car just has that look of  
needing to be washed.

All that can be dealt with soon enough, for now I'm going to enjoy  
this beer.

Aaron Whiteman -- http://www.panix.com/~awhitema/
  '75 MGB (red for now), HIF4 carbs
  '06 Subaru Impreza Outback

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