[Mgs] The Continuing Quest to Cool my MGA

Rick Lindsay rolindsay at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 4 17:30:01 MDT 2007

Bill, a few issues I would consider - and the List may
have been already discussed each of these to death -
relate to combustion effeciency and volumetric
efficiency.  With the first, an overly lean mixture
burns very hot and can cause your problem.  Second,
you could have restrictions in the exhaust resulting
in excessive back-pressure.  Here's what I would
check/test (remember, diagnose BEFORE surgery):

1) correct thermostat installed?
2) collapsed/restricted coolant hoses?
3) radiator coolant flow / efficiency?
4) radiator air flow / fins clear and undamaged?
5) ignition timing / advance set right?
6) vacuum advance connected to correct manifold or 
   carb port?
7) mixture/carbs set right? 
8) exhaust unrestricted?
9) extreme but possible: incorrect or cheap after-
   market head gasket restricting coolant flow.

   In Colin Campbell's book he recommends a vacuum
gauge sampling the intake manifold pressure (vacuum)
as an indicator for sticking valves, valve timing AND
exhaust constriction.


--- Wilkmanracing at aol.com wrote:

> The replies I've received so far have been very
> helpful.   Thanks!  Just to 
> close up some of the gaps in the information I
> provided,  the radiator has a 
> new core and the distributor is new.  While there 
> shouldn't be any head gasket 
> leaks, I'm going to do a head gasket test with the 
> blue fluid soon.
> I assume every agrees 212 degrees on an uphill run
> is too high?
> Bill Wilkman
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