[Land-speed] A too quiet list...

Justin Calkins justacalkins at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 08:25:57 MDT 2014

I was lucky enough to tag along with Jim last year.  If it was not for him,
I am not sure when I would have ever made it out to Bonne, if ever.  Jim
runs around with a camera and a notepad, documenting most anything that was
going on.  We had eight in our group last year, which was the second year
that Jim organized one of these trips.

It's not just corn fields here in central Iowa!!

Justin Calkins
Iowa Falls, Iowa

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 9:13 AM, Jim Volgarino <volgarino at mail.com> wrote:

> Larry and all on this list---I guess I can offer up some newbie news of an
> Iowa effort heading to the Salt in August. Team SpeedaSALT is busy building
> two Buell bikes to run for records. I can offer more details if anyone is
> interested and we're going to try and document all we are doing. Most
> significant is taking a 1000CC Buell V-twin and lopping off tyhe back
> cylinder to make it a single and running in 500cc Modified Production, both
> gas and fuel. We're running a small turbo and have some trick things
> happening with the head. We're fortunate up our way because we've got
> access to some great resources that are assistaing us with planning and
> design of the bike. We're also working closely with Don McCaw of Dike, Iowa
> who has some pretty impressive land speed experience going back a lot of
> years and he is building the second bike which is a Buell v-twin but will
> be expecting speeds in excess of 200 mph. We're a bunch of gearheads who
> went out to Bonneville a couple of years back and
>  got addicted. What started as a simple "let's just run something" to
> "let's be serious and go for a record." I expect everyone here has
> experienced that. I can provide more updates if anyone is interested or
> link you directly to our website which is being designed right now. Another
> link that is kind of cool is our Iowa to The Salt Flats, Bonneville or Bust
> Facebook group page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/bonneville/). We
> going to have 8-10 of us headed out for Speed Week in August and are really
> excited to be involved.
> Jim Volgarino
> Waterloo, Iowa
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> So, is anything going on, on the list or has it succumbed? Any one going
> to Speed Week? I will be there unless something medical happens, lol. Have
> my hotel and entry is in. That's the sure recipe for the salt pan turning
> back into a lake I think. So, tell me what's going on in your garage? larry
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