[Land-speed] Newbie particpant question

Jim Dincau jdincau at qnet.com
Tue Apr 8 09:47:59 MDT 2014

A BNI membership gets you 1 pass (it will come in the mail), Each entry fee 
gets you 4 additional passes and 2 vehicle stickers (pick them up at 
inspection). The passes get you and your vehicle in the gate. The vehicle 
stickers get the vehicle into the pit area. On Thurs.  and Fri. you can get 
onto the salt and into the pits without them, after that they check at the 
gate and at the pit entrance.

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From: Jim Volgarino
Date: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:22 AM
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Subject: [Land-speed] Newbie particpant question

Heading to Speed Week this year with three bikes and a whole crew of people. 
I understand that those of us who have BNI memberships receive passes for 
crew and pit vehicles but I'm confused what that covers for entry. If we 
bring 8-10 people along in three different vehicles, will we also need to 
pay entry fees for each person when we show up at the gate? Trying to get 
things planned out and make sure I inform everyone in our group the right 
way!! Probably a dumb question, but I figure that's what this forum is 
for...dumb questions. Thanks!!

Jim Volgarino
Waterloo, Iowa

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