[Land-speed] Dry Sump Oil Pan Question

Larry Mayfield drmayf at mayfco.com
Mon Nov 18 12:01:17 MST 2013

I am sitting here with a bit of time on my hands waiting for parts for 
my Sunbeam Tiger. So I though I would surf around..Was looking at dry 
sump oil pans on eBay and I see that virtually all are for circle track 
use. So I asks myself, is there a difference between a pan for circle 
and one used exclusively for straight line use.  Any body know of any 
specific only to straight line use? Would that make a difference? If 
there is no difference, why are all stipulated (maybe) for circle 
track?  If there is a difference, what would that difference be?


Worlds Fastest Sunbeam, period.
204.913 mph flying mile
210.779 mph exit speed

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