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You could split and weld the transmission pan to make up the 4 degrees. Or you
could try driving on the side of  a hill with the right side 4 degrees off and
see if anything happens. Bet nothing happends.  RF
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Subject: [Land-speed] Transmission Adapter Plate
reference dumb question I recently asked about adapter plates, lol.  
This is
for my bragging Sunbeam rights motor. As you recall, I need to 
fab up an
adapter to mate my competition AOD to my real Sunbeam Tiger 
motor.  The trans
is a 6 bolt bell housing variety while the block is a 
5 bolt version.  The 5
bolt pattern lies almost within the 6 bolt 
pattern. But, there are a couple
of interference locations.  I layed out 
the bolt paterns on the aluminum
plate last night and found that if I 
rotate the 6 bolt pattern by less than 4
degrees everything clears 
adequately.  The down side to that is if I install
it that way and keep 
the engine level in the car, then the trans is rotated
by less than 4 
degrees off horizontal to the right.  So, the fist question
is: will the 
trans operate ok that way? Seems like it would, but, I need to
ask. I 
will also ask the trans supplier as well, but, you folk are the smart
folk with real live experience. remember I am a dummy or dip sh*t as 
have put it, lol. I can also install the engine in the car and 
split the 4
degrees by rotating the engine mounts to the left by say, 2 
degrees and that
puts both the motor and trans off horizontal by only 2 
degrees each.
Comments? Suggestions?


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