[Land-speed] Fuel Lines...

Dave Dahlgren dahlgren536 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 11 00:34:16 MST 2011

All things rubber or polymer based have a life expectantcy either in use or 
on the shelf. Most things discounted are at the end of it as the clock is 
ticking from the date of manufacture and not the day you purchased the item 
or put it into service. When companies run large discounts or dump things on 
auction sites or rebox them as an off brand there is a message ther if you 
are willing to read and understand it. The real shame is the lack of 
universal regs that require they all be embosed with month and year of 
manufacture so the buyer can be awake of the service life left. More than 1 
person has bought tires that re 5 to 7 years old as brand new when in fact 
not worth putting on the wheels. Too many people spend way too much time 
dwelling on price rather than value and when price wins it has predictable 

As a side note when you plumb a car properly there is very little flex hose 
used so keeping it fresh is not expensive in the end.

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