[Land-speed] Running an Automatic Trans without a Torque Converter

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I have thought of doing the same type of thing for a drag car.  My questions
usually came back to the performance.  What is the performance advantage
and/or disadvantage of deleting the converter?  Some converters make power,
so I have been told, i.e. - torque multiplication.  I totally understand the
safety side of it.

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I know there are TC eliminators for the GM Powerglide and probably also
fo the later automatics as well. But, I would like to hear from anyone
who is running a Ford AOD without a TC.  I suspect the bits and pieces
are out there but I need a starting point for searching.  Why, you ask?
I have always been a bit nervous abou that big old whirling mass of TC
up ther along side the pieces of my body that keep me walking erect,
i.e., my feet.  I can get an Ultra bell that would cure my fears but at
a cost of 300 plus bucks and added work on the trans case for fitment.

So, let me hear from anyone who knows of such bits and pieces and has
maybe actually run one.

No, it won't do any good to tell me to change trans, etc. I just hit
delete on those, lol. I have what I have.


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