[Land-speed] Lenco Question

Bryan Savage b.a.savage at wildblue.net
Tue Oct 26 19:49:01 MDT 2010

Jim,   Just a few more thoughts,,

What a gear box needs for protection, not counting long term storage, 
rust, etc., is basically three things.
1) A good basic lubricant.
2) A coolant.
3) A method of preventing metal to metal contact when extreme pressure 
exceeds the lubricants capabilities.

For these jobs, I would select;
1) Synthetic oil (the real stuff, a group 4 base oil) oil.
2) A thin oil.
3) An oil with maximum levels of ZDDP and/or  an oil with ZDDP added.

I'd also look at the possibility of using a Molly additive by checking 
with a company that supplies industrial
gearbox lubricants. My dad started using a gearbox oil that had Molly in 
it and it made the gears in his printing
presses last five times longer.

I hope you find some combination that works.

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