[Land-speed] Testing...this thing on?

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We had a lot of fun with them in impound. I mean, heck we both had red race
cars, right? We ran AA/PP (NA, Gas) and they were running C/BFMS. I realized
they had only run 5 mph faster than the truck... They were filming some
documentary about their efforts and were interviewing the driver between the
two vehicles. I went to check the air in the rear tire when it hit me... I
yelled over to the crew, "Damn we were only 5 mph slower than a Ferrari!".
They moved their taping further away and restarted the interview.
Later, the F-thing owner/manager came over to warn us that they were going
to start up as he didn't want us to be surprised. Of course, it was so
quiet, it wouldn't have mattered. Later, I told him to stand by because were
going to _try_ to start. The Enzo sounded good, but the big rat motor
sounded so much more.....American!

Jim Webb
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The F-"thing" also was beaten by a Sunbeam Tiger at WOS

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