[Land-speed] Shootout 2010 posters available

Ray Buck rbuck at xmission.com
Thu Oct 21 20:03:40 MDT 2010

The 2010 Shootout posters are now available.


They'll be printed on 20x30" glossy photo paper, heavier than standard 
poster paper.

Photos are arranged more or less by random except for the centerpiece, 
the reason for which should be obvious.  I've listed the top speeds, not 
the record speeds...again, for reasons that should be obvious.

This will be a limited edition.  I'll print 50 of them and they'll be 
signed (well, since rats can't write very well, they'll get a scrawled 
RtR) and numbered.  The price is $100 each, which, considering that's 
what I charged for last year's poster, is a screamin deal.  Shipping 
will be free to the US and Canada (even if Canada IS a pita to mail 

Email me, PM me, call me...whatever.  I'll get 'em out as soon as I get 


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