[Land-speed] The Thrash is Over, The Drive Begins

Meierle, Michael D (Mike) mike.meierle at alcatel-lucent.com
Sun Oct 3 07:22:25 MDT 2010

Leaving Lincoln NE on the second day of the trip to the Salt. 

Mike M.
#847 F/BMMP

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Ok, so we spent the last week to ten days... no, make that two weeks (ok,
make it two months) thrashing to get the big red truck put back together and
ready for action. The die is cast. We leave tomorrow AM for the three day
drive to the salt with the AA motor in place and our sights set on at least
not blowing it all up on the first pass!

Everything looks good so far and the long drive is the only concern. John
Burk knows how far it is from here to there!

We sure look forward to seeing our die-hard salt racers in place for World
Finals and if there is any significant news about the salt, the weather, how
close the porta cans are to the 7 mile, etc., please call.

My cell is 979 215-1928 and my OnStar number (which has a crap load of
minutes I'll never use) is 979-943-4914. Feel free to call either number
even if you just want to chat about LSR, your personal weather, or why
you're going or not going to WF. I'm driving for three friggen days already!


Jim Webb

Chock Full o' Nuts

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