[Land-speed] Land Speed Forum?

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Tue Mar 23 12:25:26 MST 2010

I agree politics have there own place. I hate to see this forum turn into a 
contest of he said ,she said. Lets get back to racing.
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> Hello Guys and Gals,
> I'm a long term lurker on this list and part of my daily routine is 
> devouring
> new messages that pop up frequently during the day.  I'll be sitting in a
> restaurant with my wife and my phone will beep with a new email.  "Honey, 
> look
> at this."  She indulges me but thinks I'm nuts.
> I've held a dream to run on the salt since 1962.  That dream came to pass 
> in
> 2007 with my first experience as a rider on a MPS-BG 1000cc bike(#6407), 
> at
> the WOS venue.  A severe family issue precluded my participation in the 
> 2008
> season and last minute mechanical gremlins kept me away for 2009.  I'll be
> ready for WOS this year however.  I'll be running the same bike except in 
> fuel
> class.
> I'm humbled by the expertise I've seen on this list and with nothing to
> contribute, I've simply lurked and enjoyed.  Okay, the reason for my 
> finally
> speaking up.  Since "the vote" tipped to the Demos, it appears the LSR
> community's thoughts, observances, advice, and sharing have turned away 
> from
> LSR topics and have concentrated on non-relevant issues to this list. 
> Seems
> to me there are better forums to direct these off topic issues to.  I for 
> one
> would like to see you folks return to LSR topics.
> That's my two cents.
> Jim Short
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