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Jon Wennerberg jonwennerberg at nancyandjon.org
Mon Mar 22 08:23:15 MST 2010

As of Google this morning -- US unemployment (not sorting by long-term and not
long term) 9.7%
						   Austria unemployment


On Mar 22, 2010, at 11:15 AM, BWANA343 at aol.com wrote:

> SSS/Jon..I don't think Austria has the same percentage of hard core
> unemployables as the USA, comparison to the US doesn't work with me, anyhow.
> lot easier to stomach taxes when you think you are the likely eventual
> beneficiary
> Bob D/I think we are all aware of what SS morphed into, just another
> account for the Fed to dip into whenever it deems. FDR solved unemployment
> practically instantly by getting work for 16 million when WW ll started, in
> population of 130 million at that time.
> Wait'll the dust settles on this, and meanwhile try and stay abreast of the
> little that matters among the political posturing. I wonder what kind of
> deals  were made to the holdouts yesterday.
> What seems to rankle most is the emphasis on Health care when it falls far
> behind the economy and the war in issues of contemporary importance.  I see
> it more as our Executive has taken this as the defining moment  in the
> relatively early part of his tenure, and wants to shove it through,
> of reality. Like a child.
> It's the Celebrity mentality, they are surrounded by Yes People (<PC) ,
> and are not aware of the consequences. As in November. We will see.
> Remember when you were a kid and were in awe of Washington, DC and the  way
> media glorified the President, Inc.? I wonder if grade school kids feel
> that  way now?
> BOB W, another cranky old man.
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