[Land-speed] Soy based plastic?

John Burk joyseydevil at comcast.net
Thu Mar 18 11:15:57 MST 2010


> Didn't Henry Ford sink millions of dollars into growing Soy beans because 
> he thought they were going to be the next auto body material.
> Doug in big ditch
>> I also heard that dogs liked to eat those license plates.
>> Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ
>>> To continue his allegiance to ethanol, Hajek has begun production of a 
>>> new
>>> flex-fuel race car, a 2011 Mustang. This time Hajek is going further 
>>> with
>>> biobased products. Along with the use of E85, the car will be made with
>>> bioplastic side panels provided by Ford. The hood and fenders are all
>>> soy-based plastic. The advantage to the soy plastic body panels is the 
>>> weight.
>>> The soy is lighter and not petroleum-based plastic. This stuff is 
>>> renewable,
>>> more earth friendly, he explains.
>>> Ask any Utah license plate collector about the soybean based plastic 
>>> license
>>> plates and goats.  That plate is one of the most difficult to collect 
>>> and one
>>> reason is goats seemed to like to eat them.  Not that there were that 
>>> many
>>> goats running around loose in Utah in 1944 ... !  The plates were a soy 
>>> based
>>> plastic with a paper printed license pasted onto the backing. They were 
>>> not
>>> that durable and I remember how many of them cracked when someone 
>>> "parked by
>>> ear."
>>> I'm laughing because I had to call Jim Wright to confirm the year they 
>>> used
>>> the soy plastic plates.  He wasn't even a twinkle in his father's eye in
>>> 1944.
>>> Wes
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