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Franklin -- If you have any car building resources, even the ability to
motivate someone else to actually build a prop driven car in partnership with
yourself doing what you can to support the project do it, then you should do
it.    Proof of concept does not necessarily require a 400 mph car and a
million dollar budget.  Some incredible things are being done with very small
displacement engines in streamliners both 2 and 4 wheel.  This is decidedly
low budget stuff.
I realize the SCTA/BNI rules and operational structure do not have a place at
the present time for prop driven vehicles.  But there are two other
organizations that regularly use the Salt for speed trials. They can probably
be more flexible.  And there are several western dry lakes where you could
easily set up fairly accurate clocks of your own to do actual speed runs
without actually involving a sanctioning organization.
Talk is cheap.  You need to actually do it.  Mathematical scaling of the
performance of a 125 mph car, i.e. power in to drag power, can be a credible
predictor of performance of an unlimited size/engine streamliner.
Meantime your compilation of history, as I have suggested before, needs a more
formal and permanent storage location than the my disc drive.  If nothing else
please organize it into chapters of a book along with illustrations and
publish under Lulu or one of the other self-publishing internet sources.
In spite of your own somewhat controversial and occasionally annoying persona
and presentation I sincerely feel that you have something to contribute here.
I, personally, do not want to see your efforts lost in a world of an
increasing flood of data and silly copyright laws.
Ed Weldon
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  There are those who would say to me the idea of a prop-driven car for
Bonneville is farfetched or impractical or that there is no way a prop-driven
car could accelerate faster than a Bonneville streamliner.

  To those people, I say baloney. I say they do not have the vaguest notion or
the slightest idea of the technology available off the shelf.

  I say the test results of just one manufacturer with a 550 horsepower engine
showed 605 lbs thrust at 3,000 rpm, 1,055 lbs thrust at 4,000 rpm, and 1,480
lbs thrust at 4,750 rpm.

  I say in a 1,000 lbs gross weight car that's 1.4g acceleration when no
wheel-driven streamliner in the history of Bonneville has accelerated at
better than .6g.

  I say there are plenty of propellers in sizes suitable for a prop-driven car
capable of handling up to 1,000 horsepower.

  Sincerely, Franklin Ratliff

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