[Land-speed] OT: Old Flathead Engines

Jim Dincau jdincau at qnet.com
Mon Mar 15 16:59:37 MST 2010

     I don't know but since I am also doing nothing I would be glad to 
1. An irregularly shaped line to be sealed what with the detour around the 
valve pockets.
2. Copper asbestos sandwich gaskets.
3. Relatively thin head castings prone to warpage.

> Mayf,
> Six cylinder, I don't know...21 stud flathead Ford V-8s and then came the 
> 24
> studs per head in late thirties. Don't know why so many on a low 
> compression
> engine Fords. Block cracks were a bigger problem than head gaskets. My
> Desoto V-8 had 10 bolts that held the rocker assembly and head. Worked 
> well
> for me and lots of compression, had .040 off the block and .060 off the
> heads running shim head gaskets.
> Tom
> I am curious about something. That is the number of head bolts/studs on
> flathead engines.  I had an old car once that had a Continental 6 cyl
> and that sucker had about a million head bolts. Same with old Ford
> flatheads, lots of bolts or studs. And yet, with todays high compresion
> engines, greater dimensional tolerance requirements for flatnes, etc,
> most only have 10 bolts/studs for each bank of cyliners.  What's up with
> all the bolts on a low comp enigine?
> mayf, just in from the shop area...mostly doing nothing...

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