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Ron, back then the rules were a little different as the engine sizes were
A-being the smaller and B<C,D, etc going up in cu/in size, also a blower
increased the class up to two sizes, IE a B with a supercharger would be a D,
now they are different classes, blown and unblown.
The rules back then were on the back side of the entry form, Best I can do now
as the #204 was not pre entered in 54,55, or 56. 1957 was the only one I could
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  In the Email from John Szalay this morning, The first picture says 1954
Bonneville and shows a 54 Ford. Just going on what is shown. Could a 54 that
looks stock run in comp coupe back then? Don't know what the rules were back
  I just thought if it was the same car, I would try to get a hold of the
owner to tell him about the pictures. Really some cool pictures.

  Thanks for looking.

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    The only thing I found was a #204 that ran in 1957 and Entered as Stern &
Mahoney from Venice California, Speed was 182.92 mph. It ran in the D comp.
coupe class.Looks like it was 1st. in class that year. The record they ran
against was Christmans coupe of 190 mph set in 1956. Hope this helps.
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