[Land-speed] Dr. Mayfs' race car number

Larry Mayfield drmayf at mayfco.com
Sun Aug 22 21:47:48 MDT 2010

  Well, it is almost that simple.  The red hat speed is 260 mph and I 
wont be going that fast ever.  But the class was open when I started so 
I decided to go with the fuel class.  Yeah, I used a 100 octane fuel 
available at the Rebel gas stations until I killed some pistons.  Then I 
got smart and started using some of Ricks A8C gasoline.  Nothing 
inexpensive about it for sure. But it works well.  And I will fill my 
small drum with it at WOS for here at home in the off season running.  
But basically what you said is correct.

On 8/22/2010 1:27 PM, Kirkwood wrote:
> I never noticed the F (fuel) part of it before. Leave it to Mayf to cut
> through the bureaucracy and find an efficient way to race. No tank
> inspections and sealing to worry about and you run with gas from the
> neighborhood station instead of expensive race gas.  :-)
> From: Skip Higginbotham<saltrat at pahrump.com>
>    1542 C/FMS
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