[Land-speed] We're here

Jon Wennerberg jonwennerberg at nancyandjon.org
Thu Aug 12 08:28:18 MDT 2010

Just for the sake of confirming that this place is open, Nancy and I are in
Wendover and leaving in a few minutes for the Salt.  We got here Tuesday
mid-diy, spent yesterday sprinkling about 5 dozen porta-potties around the 30
square miles of the racing area, and today go out to watch the fun as hoi
polloi beings to arrive.  Land's End was to open for racers to arrive this
morning at 8, with registration and such opening at 10.  Some inspecting will
start today, and tomorrow will be the big day for that.  Then Saturday morning
-- Drivers Meeting at 10 or thereabouts, cruise down the courses after that,
and racing begins once the course ride and rookie orientation have finished
after the meeting.

About 500 pre-entries, including 150 bikes and the rest of them those 4-wheel
things -- unh, whaddaya call 'em, cars?  Yeah, that's it.

The salt is pretty danged good.  The wettest area isn't wet at all, and that's
in the pits.  The access road has some soft/dry spots about 1- 1 1/2 miles
from Land's End, but the rest of the place is fine.  The courses are good, and
turnouts HAVE been made this year.  Three courses once again -- long and two
short (the second short is referred to as the special course, not because only
folks from the short bus get to use it, but because otherwise it'd be
confusing to say "first short course" or "second short course".  They're

Enough for now.  I've posted some photos on landracing.com, and will do so
more as the week continues.  See you later, crocodile.

Jon a/k/a Seldom Seen Slim

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