[Land-speed] Disaster strikes!

Neil Albaugh neil at dbelltech.com
Sun Aug 8 19:57:22 MDT 2010


Yup, a real mess-- I guess it's too late to back up the files. :(  I hope 
you can recover those that you lost.

Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ

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Subject: [Land-speed] Disaster strikes!

> Here of late, I have been experiencing some serious computer issues. So 
> today, I decided to see if I could find the cause. I ran a program to 
> check for malicious software hiding in cookies and such. None found. The I 
> ran a Norton Internet Security  system scan (900,000 files, ouch!)  with 
> no issues.  So then after heming and hawing I decided to do a disk 
> cleanup.  So I open the program files and went to accessories. I selected 
> disk cleanup. I let it run though the C drive  and it found that it coul 
> dclean around 237 MB of dsk space up. So I looked over it carefully (but 
> not carefully enough) and I cehcked a box that said Win ME/Installation 
> files.. Gulped and hit the button.  Near instant disaster. after a second 
> or two, the screen blinked and everything that was not native XP 
> disappeared! Literally.  That included all of my excel files I developed 
> for the web site I have, all of the speciality programs for various folk, 
> all WOrd files are gone, all files under the my douments are gone: all the 
> pdf files I have collected for the last 10 years...  Even at that as the 
> screen blinked, I had hit cancel hoping it would reverse the file 
> catastrophe that had happened. Unfortunately now. The blasted thing also 
> did nto creat a system restore point before doing the dastardly deed 
> either.  Oh, my email client also disappeared which had my 10 years of 
> collected tiger, alpine, and race car stuff on it.  If I didn't live on a 
> ground floor I would jump out the window.
> I am going to continue to recover this, how, I do not  know yet, but if 
> any of you do, please shoot me a note and tell me how.   Also, since my 
> address book and everything else went out with teh email client, then how 
> about those of you who have coresponde with me ove the years, drop me a 
> short email so I can add you back into a addy book.   Anybody I was 
> working with, please send my your addy for sure!
> Dan NIcoson, send me your two email addy's?   Dave Adin?
> What a mess, lol...
> mayf
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