[Land-speed] Disaster strikes!

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Sun Aug 8 19:14:22 MDT 2010

Here of late, I have been experiencing some serious computer issues. So 
today, I decided to see if I could find the cause. I ran a program to 
check for malicious software hiding in cookies and such. None found. The 
I ran a Norton Internet Security  system scan (900,000 files, ouch!)  
with no issues.  So then after heming and hawing I decided to do a disk 
cleanup.  So I open the program files and went to accessories. I 
selected disk cleanup. I let it run though the C drive  and it found 
that it coul dclean around 237 MB of dsk space up. So I looked over it 
carefully (but not carefully enough) and I cehcked a box that said Win 
ME/Installation files.. Gulped and hit the button.  Near instant 
disaster. after a second or two, the screen blinked and everything that 
was not native XP disappeared! Literally.  That included all of my excel 
files I developed for the web site I have, all of the speciality 
programs for various folk,  all WOrd files are gone, all files under the 
my douments are gone: all the pdf files I have collected for the last 10 
years...  Even at that as the screen blinked, I had hit cancel hoping it 
would reverse the file catastrophe that had happened. Unfortunately now. 
The blasted thing also did nto creat a system restore point before doing 
the dastardly deed either.  Oh, my email client also disappeared which 
had my 10 years of collected tiger, alpine, and race car stuff on it.  
If I didn't live on a ground floor I would jump out the window.

I am going to continue to recover this, how, I do not  know yet, but if 
any of you do, please shoot me a note and tell me how.   Also, since my 
address book and everything else went out with teh email client, then 
how about those of you who have coresponde with me ove the years, drop 
me a short email so I can add you back into a addy book.   Anybody I was 
working with, please send my your addy for sure! 

Dan NIcoson, send me your two email addy's?   Dave Adin? 

What a mess, lol...


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