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OK guys.... As long as we're into the "much ado about nothing" mode here 
comes the kind of question that you ought to expect from Ed Weldon.
Assuming here that only the block needs to be a production original how much 
of that original engine block must be left for it to still be considered a 
production flathead?  Section 4.N offers some general philosophy on the 
subject; but it is generally not applicable to the flathead engine classes 
being less restrictive.
Consider in the world of today's 3d CNC profiling methods combined with new 
3d scanning technology it's entirely possible to saw a stock flathead block 
in half and profile the entire inside to a uniform wall thickness of, say, 
3/8".  This shell could cover a high strength internal structure 
considerably more robust than the original.
This is not as crazy as it sounds. I'm not sure about such an approach 
working with a flathead that had the exhaust running though the block like 
the stocker.  I can't imagine why anyone would want to do that.
But a top exhaust XF class block or one with an overhead valve head (XXF), 
especially where water cooling in the block is not needed? ...... That may 
not be as crazy as it sounds.  Make the internal structure out of a 
precision assembly of machined ductile iron castings (good CTE match to the 
cast iron shell) and maybe utilizing oil cooling in the block with a big dry 
sump system and suitably light Mobil1 Racing oil.  As long as this project 
would be starting in a foundry you might as well add a hefty fully 
enveloping crankcase girdle.  Oh yeah, BTW, make a little more room for 
connecting rod clearance to the block and larger cam bearing bosses.  No 
talk here of 5 main bearings.  Not sure they could be big enough to do 
anything good what with the close cylinder spacing.  But the principle main 
bearing support could be in designed into the girdle; so maybe that's 
Back to the original premise........How much of the original engine must be 
left for it to still be an "XF" or an "XXF".  Maybe some attention to this 
subject is appropriate before someone with the same level of resources that 
Ron Main put into the original Flatfire engine tries what I suggest.
Ed Weldon

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