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Check to see if you have toe-out as the front wheels rise. This is the same 
as the nose dipping under deceleration.

Regards, Neil  Tucson, AZ

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> Alright all you grouchy old farts, I can't think of a better bunch to 
> bounce this query off.
> I finally ran my roadster last weekend at Loring, and had a great time 
> btw. Surprisingly, there were no major issues and the car performed better 
> than the guy making the decisions.
> But braking after the lights resulted in the front tires bouncing. The 
> more brake, the more bounce.
> The front is dampened with friction shocks, and I'm pretty sure I replaced 
> the rubber with fresh sheeting when I built the car some years back. Yeah, 
> I can tighten them, but they weren't loose.
> Does any lister have any experience on what works best with these things? 
> McMaster Carr has a variety of rubber sheeting, and I can put any finish 
> necessary on the "washers", or even on the rubber I suppose. Even a good 
> guess would be appreciated, thanks, BJ
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