[Land-speed] Grill covers in Alt class

J.D. Tone gmc6power at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 5 21:38:28 MDT 2010

"Bumpers, grilles and front lights----MAY-----be removed and the opening 
created------MAY----be filled or covered.

As I read it, and have done it in the past, slots or holes will be allowed 
as long as the others changes to make you legal for the class are done.

As learned in NASCAR and other venues the more the air is forced around the 
body the faster one seems to go...Good Luck

Subject: [Land-speed] Grill covers in Alt class

> Wondering if grill covers in Alt classes can have holes or slots in them 
> and
> still be considered grill covers.....We have overheated in the past with
> full grill covers and a full air dam.  The car now has a different motor 
> and
> hasn't overheated yet, but I haven't run it very long under a load either.

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