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drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Aug 5 19:06:12 MDT 2010

Well, interesting. Looks like someting I would put together, lol.  But, 
to keep my tuning simple I just use the plain  old air density.  I go 
back to basics which use absolute pressure and temperature only and 
simply calculate the density at any given time.  It is only a few 
calculator strokes.  If I want to see how density of teh ari affects the 
current tune (carbed and mechanical injection) then I use the density 
when the tune was established, calculate the new density and ratio it to 
see how much of a change is needed.  With my curent mass air flow meter, 
I don't even have to do that. The brain box measues the mass of air 
directly and then figures fueling as appropriate.

Density altitude meters can be had for, I think, about a 100 bucks.  I 
bought an old airplane absolute pressure gauge instead.



Wester Potter wrote:

>This may help to explain the figures Rick Gold posts on the door of the ERC
>trailer and why they can change during the day.
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>>Interesting article on air density.
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