[Land-speed] Ford Flathead

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Aug 5 16:10:48 MDT 2010

Dan, I know the reverse port config has been around a long time.  The 
point I was making or trying to make is what materials are used to make 
the change.  Vintage cast iron? New modern iron? Brazing methods? seems 
to me that if such a mod is allowed then it should be made with the same 
kind of tools and materials that it was originally done with. What about 
use of vintage gaskets? What parts are allowed to be non vintage? How 
about a modern cast aluminum or machined head? That certainly isn't 
vintage.   Now draw a parallel to todays repop motor blocks. Many block 
and engines that are not manufacturer specific.  A windsor Man O War 
block for my 5.0L may have the same dimesnion as that of the original 
for bore  but most everything else has been improved with better and 
stronger materials. By the way is nitrous allowed in vintage racing? 
Heck, it was used by the Germans in WWII so that line of reasoning would 
make it allowable.  It just seems screwy to me.

Makes me glad I am not a part of trying to keep it all together, lol.

dan warner wrote:

> Well Mayf,
> Instead of asking questions like "What exactly defines what vintage 
> is?" you might try to read the rulebook. Take a look at section 2.A.1.
> And, for your education, the reverse port configuration for the 
> flathead V8 was used before the war in oval track racing. History is 
> an interesting thing.
> DW
> --

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