[Land-speed] Ford Flathead

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Thu Aug 5 10:28:17 MDT 2010

Bit of sarcasm here.... How about the newbie street rodder types with scant 
1950's experience in their memories form a "one design" flathead street 
roadster class and petition the SCTA to add that class to the record book. 
Everybody uses the same fiberglass roadster body. (How about a slippery 37 
Ford Roadster if someone wants to 3d scan one of the 10 originals and make a 
buck from that.)  French blocks allowed of course.  Turbos, engine 
management systems,  belly pans, alcohol fuel (PC for environmentalists) all 
OK. And of course rear wheel fender skirts.....or maybe no rear fenders. 
We're talking a thoroughly modern billet street rod here with the "gee wiz" 
"flathead V-8 for power but built in the "tradition" of the 21st century.
They'd love them at "Good Guys".

Ed Weldon =(: )  (Do I have to credit our resident troll and his copyright 
rip-off of the Bob Rufi story for the inspiration, skirted rear fenders, 
behind my comments above?)

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> If you don't have to use vintage parts, what's the point of having a 
> vintage class?

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