[Land-speed] Ford Flathead

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Aug 5 10:03:08 MDT 2010

Interesting thought. But, I have trouble with the folk who take an old 
V8 block, hog out the valley and weld in a new valley so that the 
exhaust exits alongside the intake runners. Do those folk use vintage 
old cast iron or new steel or?  Are cams new old stock? Or modern? How 
about the head gaskets? NOS?  What exactly defines what vintage is?  Is 
there a part by part list of what can or cannot be changed and who made 
the list, if so?

Please note, I do not use vintage engines or parts. Other than the 
discussion, I have no dog in this rumpus.

It all smacks of record protectionism to me.  But, whadda I know....


Jim Dincau wrote:

>If you don't have to use vintage parts, what's the point of having a vintage 
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>>Please help me understand how a stronger block makes an unlevel playing 
>>field. Does that make a World Castings Chevy Merlin block unfair?
>>Since I have not studied the "French" issues, this may be a dumb 
>>question........is there more to it?
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