[Land-speed] My adventure

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Delightful read, Rich!  I realized I was grinning wide right from the first 
sentence.  Thanks for the vicarious thrill!

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> Recently I bought a '28 Chevy banger with a '25 Olds head. Old race motor
> built just after the war by some high school kids who were midget racing. 
> It
> passed around and now I have it, but the guy who sold it to me knew the
> original builders and they are still in Hayward. So here I am driving down 
> a
> semi paved alley with no name at the beginning of the Hayward hills. 
> Looking
> for some sheds, under a tree with a race car out side. I see some sheds,
> randomly attached and a tip off is a stack 4 wide head high of flathead 
> Ford
> blocks against the side of one. I notice several V8-60 blocks laying in 
> the
> weeds and a T block on a stand. A victim of a crankshaft disaster and a 
> recent
> hill climb, I learned later. On the other side a small trailer has a 
> partially
> covered Midget with the hood off and a 110 Offy. One cam cover off. Inside 
> the
> shed it's pretty dark and really crowded. B&M blown V8-60 on a stand going
> together for a street roadster going to the Good Guys
> show in two weeks, And a late model flathead for something else. A crank
> grinder and several lathes. Also a Bridgeport. One little Craftsman lathe 
> has
> recent looking chips on it. Everything else you would need to move stuff 
> to
> get at. Jim goes into another room and grabs a hand full of '28 Chevy
> pushrods, a bunch of stainless valves and a Fairbanks Mag for my Chevy and
> gives them to me. Not bad. Then we go into another room with a 1913? Buick
> engine all together and ready to go. Big banger. Lots of shiny brass. Also 
> a
> 331 type Cad engine with the oem iron two bbl intake and carburetor but on
> each corner is a Holley 94 mounted sideways. Sort of an IR, one venturi 
> for
> each port deal except for the stock two bbl. Progressive linkage. Starts 
> off
> on one and goes to Five. Bunch of V8-60 blocks being ported and relieved. 
> All
> in all a pretty interesting day. Three guys nearing 80 still at it. Cool.
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