[Land-speed] high speed engines/tight clearances

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Neil --
Sure, liquid nitrogen is the favored industrial material.  I kind of figured
it might produce too much vapor and make it hard to see the parts during
assembly.  Also there might be some worry about the much lower temperature
creating mechanical or metallurgical issues.
When I was a kid the dry ice and alcohol technique was the recommended
method for installing new valve seats in V8 flatheads.  I did it myself
once.  There was always some ice dealer in most big towns that would sell a
block of dry ice for a buck or so.  And alcohol antifreeze was a regular
product in the auto parts stores and many gas stations.
But back then few people knew about liquid nitrogen I guess unless you were
involved with atomic energy or something else exotic.

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> Bryan, Ed;
> It's a lot easier to work with liquid nitrogen to cool parts than it is to
> heat other parts in an oven.
> Regards, Neil   Tucson, AZ
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> Bryan--
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> Another possibility is having the block
> upside down when assembling the pistons and filling them with crushed dry
> ice and 99% isopropanol to uniformly cool and shrink them to get the
> necessary temperature differential.  That way the block could be kept at a
> reasonable temperature for humans to work with.  .........snip.........
> Ed

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