[Land-speed] Pit Shade

Ed Van Scoy ed at vetteracing.com
Mon May 5 20:50:20 MDT 2008

I have two tarps that I use on my 10 x 20 frame. Asilver one (like everyone
elses) and a tan colored mesh tarp that I gotoff Ebay (FWIW seller ID
all4canopy has just about anything you wouldwant in the realm of shade -
including mesh tarps in black,green ortan). Put their seller ID in the search
and browse thru theirstuff..... Might just find what ya need.

Ed Van Scoy
#128 B/GT Corvette
SCTA-BNI/Gear Grinder

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We have all seen the shades that are perforated and let the area breathe.
Italked to someone last year who had a very large cover. He said he buys
haycovers. The problem is that all the PERFORATED covers I have seen are
blackor a dark color. They do a great job of filtering the sunlight but due
totheir dark color they absorb a lot of heat. I was thinking a
perforated,light or silver colored tarp would be the best of both worlds. Has
anybodyseen such material? -Elon

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