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Wes -- Thanks.  Couldn't figure out who the photographer was; but I'd like
to compliment him/her on the selection of subjects, settings and
composition.  These are really nice photos from 2007 Speedweek.  Note that
this is all copyright stuff, not free public domain.  I gathered that these
particular photos are not real high resolution; 5 x 7 being the maximum
resolution they want to sell as prints.

First time encounter with this website.  Smugmug looks like an interesting
source for quality prints from their posted photos.  I just read a bit about
how it all works.  Seems like a reasonable outfit to business with.  But I
have no experience with their service or any connection with them or the

This particular photoset shows prices around $10 each for 5x7 prints.  A bit
pricey for me unless they happened to have a pic of a particular car that
was mine or of great personal interest.  I'm, of course, speaking from the
personal viewpoint, one who has his own digital camera and makes
considerable use of it at Speedweek.  For those who are somewhat challenged
when it comes to photography but still want to frame and display some really
nice Bonneville photos, heavy on hot rod themes and roadster LSR types, one
could do worse for sources.  And by the time you got them mounted, into
quality frames and up on the wall as either small cameos, groups of pics in
one frame or collages you'd likely conclude that the seemingly high price of
the prints was consistent with the cost of the overall effort.  And the neat
thing for guys who rather spend time doing something other than framing
pictures you just take your set of prints to the local frame shop and let
them take it from there.

All this is IMHO.  Ed Weldon

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