[Land-speed] Non LSR but w/implications

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Jan 31 18:10:23 MST 2008

Yeah, after I wrote the note, I saw the 200 kilowatt output. I do not 
know what the scaled to get down from to get to that number but my math 
says only 20 megawatts. Most of our reactors are really big, lol... and 
still thermal energy is about 3 to 1 in electical output. so still 600 
kilowatts of heat has to go somewhere.  We designed a shipping cask for 
exxon in the good old days at Boeing and were gonna ship 12 fuel bundles 
just out of the reactor 90 days and each of those still produced 26 kw 
of heat. That was enough to make the cask steam if rain fell on it...  I 
suppose that the reactor and generator system would not necessarily have 
to be really high pressure to get 200 kw.. but like you, I want to move 
upwind of the apt building..

Mike Lackey wrote:

>The article indicates that it produces 200 kW.
>If they are marketing it towards running a single building, I suppose the waste heat could be used for heating the apartment building and providing hot water.  I think I'll pass on renting there though...
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>Wes, you are just too funny! We wont even bury waste in Yucky Mountain 
>here so what are we going to do with a country full of nuclear waste? 
>Say they sell 10,000 of these to American users... who gets the boill 
>for dumping the wastes? Where does it go? And how long will it take the 
>NRC to approve this thing? Right now the environmental impact statement 
>can take 10 years to get through the system and that includes no 
>construction time at all. Then where do we get lithium 6 isotops for the 
>nuetron absorber?  I think I will let the first accident be in Japan, 
>and yet... nah...to many side effects, mainly watse products... remember 
>our plants were originally going to make power too cheap to meter! Well, 
>that certainly didn't happen.
>I wonder what these doohickeys cost? A big plant has a 1000 megawatts 
>electrical and about 3000 megawatts thermal energy... 100x smaller that 
>would be 10 megawatts and 30 megawatts thermal. That is a LOT of waste 
>nah, I'll pass...
>but clever, none the less... but wait...maybe we coould sell them to the 
>Taliban or Islamic countries? Tell them that it is absolutely safe?
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